A Weekend in Antara

A weekend in Antara

Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by beautifully landscaped parks. As you walk around the parks you encounter people taking a dip into stunning interconnecting pools and gathering around for lunch. You can also hear some laughers in the nearby gardens. It draws a smile on your face as you forget about your worries for just a moment. You feel great. You decide to kick back, relax and soak up the shining sun. Some cool wind is revitalizing your energy as you start to decompress. Now open your eyes.

No, it wasn’t a dream. You found it. It was a weekend in Antara. You found the perfect place where you can appreciate the little things that make you happy. Either for a short staycation in Riyadh or a longer visit in the region, we created a resort-like environment just for you and your family to enjoy! It goes by the name Antara.

Let me take you on a small tour:

The Apartments, Townhouses and Villas

What would be better than entering a modern and comfortable space you can call home? Only the feeling of waking up the next morning on cool and soft bedsheets, feeling refreshed and motivated. At Antara, you can enjoy carefully designed rooms to ensure your stay is as relaxing as it should be. The natural light coming from your window will guarantee your well-being, and your private balcony/ terrace will only amplify it.

The Restaurants

Our poolside Restaurants and Cafés are here to satisfy all your tastebuds. From enjoying a delicious meal alongside a stunning view of the pools, to sipping a refreshing beverage on one of the lounges under the sun, Antara will make sure to enhance your culinary experience. You can enjoy different cuisines based on your everyday mood:

  • Spicy Mexican street food flavors at Taqado
  • Masterfully prepared sushi delights at Sushi Counter
  • Sophisticated dining experience at Park House
  • Authentic New York meals with bagels and more at Circle Café
  • Exotic escape into Hawaiian flavors at Poke Bowl

Antara will surely satisfy your cravings as your day goes to night.

Spa, Fitness and Wellness Center

Nothing beats a satisfying morning workout to kick start your day! Whether you need a fully equipped gym, indoor or outdoor running tracks, indoor or outdoor multifunction courts, Antara has got you covered. However, if you are more of a “let’s relax” kind of person, you can do some Yoga and Pilates. You can also head on down to the Spa Center for some massages followed by a sauna session to let the tension from your week just wash away.

Other facilities

What is so great about being in a resort is to disconnect from work. However, you can’t always ignore the presentation you need to submit by mid-next week. Therefore, Antara provides you with a Business Lounge where you can work remotely in a quiet office-like environment, so you don’t need to worry.

Our facilities also include a billiards room for a casual game with your colleagues as well as a TV room where you will be able to watch your favorite football team win.

What are you waiting for?

A weekend at Antara will have you mentally and physically refreshed, ready to take on the challenges of the week to come. So seriously, what are you waiting for? Pack your things and come alone, with your wife and kids or with your friends to Antara for a relaxing weekend. You won’t regret it as Antara will prepare you to head back to work motivated and fresh. Contact us now.

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