Community-Living In Riyadh: The Compound Guidebook

Community-Living In Riyadh

This guidebook has the sole purpose of helping out anyone thinking about living in a compound but haven’t actually decided which one to choose yet!

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing the right compound for you.

  1. Location: Whether you are an expat businessman or a Saudi father with kids, location is key. You need to think about living in proximity to the business hub, the shopping malls and the schools all at once. Should you also be a frequent traveler, conveniently living near the airport is all that matters. Luckily, one place comes to mind with such a great location: Antara Living! It is a complete change of atmosphere from Riyadh’s hustle and bustle, while conveniently being located in Riyadh.
  2. Community-living: The second thing you should always keep in mind is the kind of community you would like to take part of. In fact, living in a compound is actually being part of a certain group and you should choose it wisely. For instance, if you are looking for a prestigious entourage to join, try Antara Living in Riyadh. If you are looking for a family ambience, also try Antara.
  3. Services: Because let’s be honest, you will be spending a lot of your time there, so you need to make sure everything you need is included. Are you active and usually work out in a gym, go for a morning run or enjoy a sunset dive? Are you an amateur of exotic cuisines and like to dine-out every now and then? Are you overwhelmed at work and need a well-deserved massage? Think about everything you need, and then some more before choosing a compound. Or what you can do is look for an all-in-one compound, such as Antara!

I hope this guidebook made a little bit easier for you to choose your next home for the many years to come. Don’t forget to contact Antara for any additional information you might need. Our well-trained and professional staff will be more than happy to assist you and even book you a tour. You can take a look at what your life would be like, living at Antara compound in Riyadh.

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