What you need to know about living and working in Riyadh

Antara Living Compound in Riyadh

Moving to a different country can seem like a daunting endeavor, especially doing so as a professional, in a country that on the surface feels very different to the environment we are accustomed to. For many people, moving to a country with a culture very foreign to what they know may not even occur as an option. However, in reality, the modern world has never been more connected, the cultures around the world have never felt more familiar, and living and working abroad has never felt as easy as it does now.

Saudi Arabia, and Riyadh in particular, offers a wide variety of reasons to consider making it not only your new professional destination, but your new home as well. Living and working in Riyadh, with its booming economy, and particularly thanks to the constantly developing and evolving fields of oil and gas industry, technology, agriculture and real-estate, means that there is no shortage of once-in-a-lifetime job opportunities to be found. So, if you are considering this next step in your life but are unsure about what exactly you may get out of it, there are a few things you should know.

What are the benefits of working in Riyadh?

First of all, the financial benefits will probably be quite substantial. Research shows that the median monthly salary for foreigners working in Saudi Arabia hovers around 4.500$, with upper tier salaries often exceeding that by a sizeable margin. Add to that the extremely low tax, low cost of everyday living, perks such as round tickets paid for by the employer, and the common practice of end of year performance-based bonuses that many companies offer that can go as high as several months’ worth of salary, and you quickly come to the inevitable conclusion that the fiscal advantages are above and beyond what is readily available elsewhere. 

Colleagues having a meeting in Antara business lounge

But life is about more than just money. What about living in Riyadh?

Saudi Arabia, and specifically Riyadh, is a modern country that can offer nearly endless possibilities to live your life in your way. For example, English is widely spoken, meaning you will have no trouble communicating and, while it is true that there is a degree of conservatism in the local culture that westerners may not be familiar with, this does not limit foreigners from excelling. And, if you are a woman considering an occupation in Saudi Arabia, rest assured that significant steps have been taken to overcome any preconception of gender inequality, with the future looking even brighter. 

So what entertainment and activity options exist in Riyadh?

Riyadh is a bustling, modern metropolis, with all the restaurants, cafeterias, entertainment and amenities you may hope for, and even has residential communities that are specifically designed for foreigners to feel at home, such as Antara Living. These communities are a haven of familiarity, where you can make yourself at home.  

And what about the rest of Saudi Arabia?

Of course, there is also much to say about the hot climate, which is in and of itself a prime reason to consider moving to Saudi Arabia, the culinary options that will make your mouth water with some of the world’s best chefs bringing their ideas to life, and the beautiful, picturesque scenery of Saudi Arabia and cosmopolitan lifestyle that has the potential to make you feel like a celebrity. 
So, if you are looking to work in an exciting environment, while getting substantial rewards and feeling appreciated, Saudi Arabia may just be the ideal destination for you.