An oasis in Riyadh: A calming compound in a bustling metropolis 

Poolside in Antara resort

A universal truth that only grows more true as time goes by, is that the modern world can feel hectic. Life for the modern person has become a balancing act between the fast moments and events we live with, and the slower, personal moments we live for. Luckily, within the soothing embrace of Antara you can do something one rarely gets the chance to do in the real world: leave some of life’s challenges behind, tip the scales and balance your life the way you want to. 

Why Antara?

Being, in essence, a private village, this luxurious resort in the heart of Riyadh serves as both a literal as well as a metaphorical oasis, marrying every amenity a modern person needs either within it or in close proximity to it, with a quiet, family-friendly style of living that creates memories to last a lifetime. And it does so all within a modern, bustling metropolis that is nothing short of cutting edge in terms of architecture, organisation, facilities, industry, technology and standards of living. 

In Antara you got it all. And what’s more, you got it all in style. Faithful to the name of the city it’s in (after all, Riyadh means The Gardens in Arabic), the Antara compound is simply breathtaking. In Antara, you will find a veritable plethora of luxury apartments, houses and villas in three distinct architectures, reminiscent of internationally renowned styles (Monaco, Capri and Santorini) on offer. Peppered among them you will find multiple cafes, restaurants of different cuisines, sports venues, parks and a hub of interconnected pools. With this in mind, Antara can offer even the most demanding visitor their heart’s desire. No matter what your dream is, Antara has you covered. 

Drone view of Antara resort

A plethora of characteristics in Riyad’s Antara: 

However, there’s no denying that a recurring challenge modern people are expected to cope with is stress – not only about the things within their control, but also the ones outside of it. You can relax in Antara, though; aside from the carefully planned roads, pools and parks that provide ambient relaxation, the beautiful dog park and a pet-friendly environment, Antara is also uniquely situated near everything you might need: many choices of education for your little ones, several sprawling malls, stores of all kinds, entertainment and sporting venues, cinemas and restaurants with many of the world’s finest chefs. Many of these options are even provided within Antara itself, giving you the unique opportunity to relax, safe in the knowledge that your needs not only have been thought of beforehand, but also that solutions are readily on offer. 

Exterior of Antara's clubhouse

We have it all

Whether you want a luxury villa, a modern apartment, or a family home where you can play with your kids on the lawn, whether you prefer to have a group brunch with your friends, or a quiet romantic dinner with your spouse, and whether you are the active type that loves a day jam-packed with activities and sports, or the type that just wants a lazy day by the pool, in Antara, you can safely choose to have it all without compromise. 

Family swimming in Antara pool