Navigating Riyadh’s Cosmopolitan High Society

Businessman in Antara lounge

By now, it’s universally known that one of the very first locations that come to mind when one hears the word “luxury” is Saudi Arabia. But luxury is a word that holds a different meaning to each person. 

For some people, luxury can mean opulent indulgence. For others, it can mean simply a comfortable status of living without worries. And for others, it can mean being part of the cosmopolitan elite, attending elegant, high-class parties, or glamorous events lit up by camera flashes. For Riyadh, it’s all the above, and none of the above. 

The Future of Riyadh 

In recent years, a concerted effort has been underway to move all aspects of Riyadh and Saudi Arabia into the future. The goal is to not only modernize and foster a blending of cultures, but also to attract the fashion and culture elite from all over the world, creating a new haven for networking, and opening avenues for new businesses and expansions. 

This, in turn, has seen the development of new, upscale residential areas, luxurious hotels and high-end amenities and facilities that are designed for the cosmopolitan elite. Examples include the Elite Fitness Club, the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh or the Harmony Wellness Center, all luxurious venues in which to exercise and pamper the body while relaxing the mind. Or, swing by the DQ Club in the Diplomatic Quarter for an even more exclusive taste of the above, and so much more. 

This, of course, is not limited to luxury in residence or socializing, but also has led to a multitude of high-status culinary breakthroughs, fusions of cuisines and new gastronomic horizons that only few have the opportunity to try at this time. You can find many such establishments taking this philosophy to heart, like Nobu in the Four Seasons, or The Ritz-Carlton, or the panoramic Globe. If you’re unsure, there are also many festivals that allow you to experience this much in an easy manner. 

Much in the same vein, shopping, technology and fashion have followed the same path of integration in culture, while at the same time aiming to become a new beacon of these cornerstones for the whole world to see. 

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A Positive Change 

With Riyadh being a candidate for the World Fair in 2030, it’s no wonder that all aspects of life are signaling social, cultural and systemic change, not just in the areas mentioned above, but also in terms of modern infrastructure, architecture, arts and entertainment. Saudi Arabia is rapidly becoming a cosmopolitan destination that grows in all directions day by day. 

Testament to this are the constantly expanding and evolving entertainment avenues, but, most importantly, the social and cultural evolution underway, not only in terms of how luxuriously you can live, both as a local and an expat. 
In many places around the world, luxury, no matter how you define it, is a privilege. In Riyadh, it’s quickly becoming a commodity.  

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