Expat support services: Making your transition smooth 

Residents swimming in Antara pool

When moving abroad, there’s inarguably a million questions going through one’s head. Especially when living in an expat compound, there are always additional uncertainties regarding the day-to-day specifics compared to having your own house or apartment externally. For example, transportation, cleanliness, and security to name a few. Luckily for you, Antara has you covered. 

A Safe Space

First and foremost, Antara provides shuttle buses to many international schools, as well as the many Riyadh malls 5 times a week, which is a significant amenity when dealing with the intense heat and importance of staying indoors as much as possible. Regarding security, Antara comes with an excellent security system, with a dedicated team at the front gate ensuring the safety of all residents, as well as CCTV. Despite Riyadh being one of the safest cities in the world, when it comes to the safety of you and your family at your residence, it is always nice to have that extra reassurance. Speaking of safety, Antara is close to one of the best hospitals in Saudi Arabia, the Diriyah Hospital, which provides amazing health services for expats. Antara Living’s primary considerations for location, community living, and available services aim to constantly make the lives of their residents easier and more secure.  

If in doubt, Antara also offers prospective residents the opportunity to experience a short trial stay. This allows expats to get the look and feel of living within the compound, as well as the opportunity to use all the services on offer, such as the laundry, spa, and supermarket. If you have any doubts, this service will fully make them go away. 

Interior of short stay residence

Connecting in Riyadh  

Of course, while all these services and amenities are reassuring and helpful, it’s very challenging to get rid of the fears, concerns and doubts when moving to a foreign country that has important differences in most aspects of life. And who else understands that more than fellow expats? For this, there are several platforms that allow expatriates to connect! Internations.org for example, allows for meeting other expats within Riyadh and joining exciting events, organizations and more within the expatriate community. In the same spirit, Expat.com offers a comprehensive guide for living in Riyadh as an expatriate, as well as a forum where expats can ask questions and share experiences to enlighten other people in the same position.  

Antara Living, and more generally Riyadh, is an ideal choice due to its thriving expat community, bilingual staff, and a range of indoor and outdoor amenities catering to its residents. There are countless offers and services that can make your life abroad less stressful, and a more pleasant experience.