Embracing Pet-Friendly Living: Life with Pets in Antara Compound

Family photo - shutterstock

Pet owners know that out our animal friends are much more than just animal companions. They are our lifelong friends, our family members, and our comforters when life overwhelms us. They are parts of us and leaving them behind can be unthinkable. 
If you’ve ever tried to travel internationally with your pet, you know it can be a stressful endeavor. Permanently relocating to a different country with your pet is even more so. Each country has their own set of animal rules and regulations, and conditions that need to be met before your little friend can join you on your adventure. Saudi Arabia is no different in this regard. 

Furry Friends Abroad 

For the Middle East, there are few differences when it comes to the kinds of animals you can keep as pets compared to western countries. Being in a country that we consider exotic, we might think that pets we also consider exotic would be commonplace and popular. But rest assured, just because you’ll be living in Saudi Arabia doesn’t mean you’ll have to keep a tiger! However, you do get to keep a mini version of it! Cats are by far the most popular pets in Saudi Arabia, followed by birds, fish and lastly, dogs as the most recent addition to the list, due to cultural and religious traditions that didn’t see canines as acceptable pets.  

That has been changing in the last few years, with more dogs being kept and accommodated as pets in Saudi Arabia, especially in Riyadh, and particularly by expats in compounds such as Antara. Recently, with the introduction of new regulations, pets have also become allowed in public transport in travel bags. While this is very convenient for anyone without their own transport, it more importantly serves as an indication of the evolution of the Saudi approach to pets. 
Naturally, there are still some universal regulations that also apply to relocating a pet in Saudi Arabia. For example, vaccinations, microchips and paperwork are required for any pet to enter and leave any country, while some animal breeds may be subject to additional regulations or restrictions. For example, pitbulls are not allowed in Saudi Arabia, while Chihuahuas and Persian cats are the most popular dog and cat breeds respectively.  

Antara’s Pet Haven

In Antara, with its pet-friendly approach, its dedicated dog park and close proximity to several veterinarians and clinics, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your four-legged, winged or scaly friends will have a happy life in Riyadh, regardless of species. Furthermore, Antara being architecturally spacious and diverse will guarantee walking with your pet will be a memorable experience every time.  
As always, just keep in mind to be as responsible as you would be anywhere else when you walk your dog: keep them on a leash, don’t leave them unattended, and clean up after them! As for cats…they make their own rules, so just do your best!