Finding Your Perfect Balance: Activities and Events in Antara 

Children's birthday at Antara

By now, you know that if you are the cosmopolitan, the social, or the adventurous type, Riyadh is one of the best places to be, and more than up to the task. And, you also know that if you’re the kind that prefers the comfort of home, Antara is designed to provide you with what you need. But what happens when you belong somewhere down the middle? If your social meter is constantly hovering in the middle, and if you want your activities in moderation, evenly split between the exciting and the mellow? Don’t worry! Once more, Antara has your back. 

You already have an idea of all the activities you can take part in within Antara, such as biking, jogging, swimming, or the ones more socially inclined such as brunch, dinner or a picnic in the park. But aside from them, you’ll be happy to know that there are many, many more social events and activities that you can participate in. From annual events like Christmas, Ramadan, Halloween and Thanksgiving events, to regular theme nights, and from organized outings and events to sports tournaments, at any given time the Antara team will have something going on to suit your current mood. Whatever your age, your tastes, your hobbies, Antara will have something for everyone. 
Most of these events are the privilege of Antara residents, but every so often you can invite a friend from the outside to certain events and show off the many perks of living in Antara! Making sure to stay updated is a breeze, by making sure to check your email, the official Antara WhatsApp group or even by checking one of the many noticeboards across the compound.  

Antara Events

Endless Possibilities

But organized events are not the only thing on offer here. After all, flexibility and freedom of expressing our interests is key to a healthy day to day. If you crave something closer to your unique interests, either more spontaneous or more mellow, you can always join one of the many activity clubs of Antara residents such as a book club, or even form your own club or event. If you want to start an Antara band, a film club, an improv group, or if you just want to throw a party to celebrate your child’s birthday, you can book one of the many available spaces in Antara, free of charge, and have at it. 
The Antara staff will not only run the compound’s venues, tend to its hygiene and do everything possible to elevate your living experience. They will also do their best to keep you as active and engaged as possible, and to facilitate your own hobbies. All you would need to do is choose what you want to do. In Antara, after all, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 

shutterstock image of friends laughing and eating