Moving To Riyadh: The Complete Expats’ Guidebook

Moving To Riyadh: The Complete Expats’ Guidebook

As an expat, you probably have a lot of questions when it comes to moving to Riyadh. In fact, being a more conservative city than Jeddah for instance, moving to Riyadh might be a bit difficult at first. However, we recommend looking to lease an apartment in a compound, and specifically at Antara Living. And here is why:

1. Discover a thriving expat community

Over a third of residents in Riyadh are expats, just like you. You just need to find them and know where they are located. Surely, in the company you are currently working with, you will make some acquaintances. But a lot of your time will also be spent at home. So, you need to find a compound where most of its residents are also expats. At Antara, our western community is waiting for you!

2. Bilingual staff for a smooth expat experience

Because we pride ourselves with being a westerner compound, our staff is bilingual. So, you don’t need to worry about linguistic barriers any longer. Surely, having some Arabic knowledge will help you adapt to the city, but when dining at one of our many restaurants or going to the gym, speaking your mother language will make your new home feel like home.

3. Year-round comfort: Indoor and outdoor amenities

You might be coming from a country that has four seasons, but in Riyadh, you will either get really cold or really hot. During cold days you can always hang out in the lobby or our business center with some colleagues and friends. And during nice weather, enjoying a swim in our interconnected pool will be all you can think of.

4. Ideal setting for easy access 

Being one of the largest cities on the Arabian Peninsula, you can easily get lost in Riyadh as an expat. Luckily, Antara is located near top schools, prime malls and the downtown business district.

To sum it when, while you think about how much of a hassle it would be to move to another country, think about how much Antara will make it easier for you! You would basically be living in a resort-like compound within a community you will belong to.

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