Your Friday in Antara, Riyadh’s luxury compound

Antara: A luxury compound in Riyadh

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to work in Riyadh and to live in a luxury compound of Antara, then this could be a day in your future life:

Let your Friday Begin

You hear birds chirping and slowly open your eyes. Your pet is jumping about excitedly as it realizes you’re now awake. You sit up and yawn widely. Your spouse is still asleep, and from the otherwise quiet house, so is your child…for now. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about work today. You’re your home self now. Your Antara self. 
It’s been a long week behind you. But the big project you have been working on is finally completed, and everyone is able to relax and take satisfaction in a job well done. But right now, it’s Friday, and it’s time to have some family time. 
Whatever your preferred mode of relaxation, you’re sure to find something entertaining to do in Antara. As you shuffle off the bed to the living room, you remember the golf game you and your friends have planned for tomorrow at the nearby golf course and look forward to a few swings of the club. But for now, you only feel like relaxing. You turn the TV on and sit on the couch, channel surfing for a few minutes. When your spouse wakes up you have breakfast together at the kitchen table, catching up, and when the child joins you and happily eats cereal, you feel the week melting away.  

Antara Clubhouse exterior overlooking pool

What’s Next?

Speaking of melting, the sun is getting hot, but you’ve learned just how to handle this in Antara, as you all go for a dip in the pool in the backyard of your luxurious compound. And it’s there, while cooling off, that you realize you don’t want to stay in today. A family evening out seems like a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the week. So, how about that old classic combo of dinner and a movie? Maybe some shopping? Grab some ice cream and window shop a little before the movie? After all, in Riyadh, you are spoiled for choice.  

You look up what movies are playing at the over a dozen cinemas near you. Hmmm, that new action blockbuster looks good. Your spouse prefers that new horror film though, but there is no way you will let your child watch that! You decide to compromise and go watch a family-friendly comedy instead at the cinema at one of the many gorgeous malls nearby. So, after a short drive, you arrive at the mall. Going to your favorite coffee place, you order your usual chai latte and boba tea for you and your spouse and an ice cream for the little one, then take a leisurely stroll, glancing at shop windows, having your drinks and ice cream happily. When the time comes for the movie, you’re all happy to be sitting comfortably in a cooled, state of the art theatre close to home. Even if the movie’s not that good this time! 

Couple splashing in Antara pool

The many benefits of living in a luxurious compound

What is good, though, is the food back at the Gather restaurant in Antara. A short drive back and a scrumptious dinner later, you are walking back to your grand home, in the idyllic streets of the Antara Compound, enjoying the breeze whistling through the park trees, looking forward going for another swim in the pool for a couple of hours more before tucking the little one to bed and going to sleep yourself. Let’s not forget, you have a golf game to win tomorrow.

Gather restaurant in Antara showcasing food