Exploring the Luxurious Facilities and Services in Riyadh’s Antara 

Gather Restaurant

When they’re working, most people usually give work their full attention. Especially those westerners lucky enough to be working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, get to work while enjoying the many perks available to them, knowing that taking care of their job means that their job will definitely take care of them in return. But what about when they’re not working? What is their downtime like? And how could your downtime look like, should you get to join them? 
Sure, there are plenty of places to visit in Riyadh and things to do. But, if you’re a housecat like many of us are, you’re not always up for excursions, not even short ones. Luckily, there are already so many things to do within the Antara compound, you don’t even have to step outside it for recreation, exercise, or enjoyment! 

What can Antara offer? 

Like all good stories, let’s start with food. 

You can get a wide variety of groceries at really low prices at the Tamimi market, located within Antara. So, whether you are an amateur cook or a seasoned chef, you will have all the freedom and means to create your own table signatures, with nothing standing in your way. Tamimi will even offer you daily recipes of the day, to try out, and expand your culinary repertoire.  
But, if you are hopeless in the kitchen, there’s no need to fret. The Gather restaurant’s menu can cover all diets, and palates, offering a variety of dishes, beverages and desserts from all over the world to suit any occasion and mood. Yes, even feeling homesick! Whether you’re in the mood for an authentically British Shepherd’s Pie, a healthy superfood salad or if your little ones can’t stop asking for mac & cheese or waffles after getting off the pre-school located within Antara for the day, Gather has got your back, gastronomically speaking. Make sure to try the Mongolian beef! 

Health is Wealth 

But what if you want to take care of yourself by burning off some of the delicious calories you just consumed? Well, you can do that in Antara as well. There are plenty of exercise and fitness options, from the humble, spur of the moment jogging under the trees’ shadows, or swimming in the network of pools within Antara, to more dedicated and organized options such as the gym and fitness center. Or, perhaps, combine physical wellness with relaxation and meditation while attending a yoga or a pilates class. 
Or maybe relaxation is not your speed. Maybe you want to feed your competitive side while playing some sports? There are various courts in Antara, including tennis, in which you could do that. Or you could take it slower (or faster!) and blow off some steam with dancing classes. Or maybe take in some steam at the sauna after your workout? You can do that, too. 

Spoil Yourself  

If you’d rather relax, pamper and center yourself, you have that option as well, from a trip to the spa to getting some hair grooming done. You could also indulge in some good old, tried and tested shopping therapy? Maybe take it slow with a nice, relaxing game of pool, cards, or bowling with friends? Antara has all of these, and more. 
Or, you could stay inside and watch TV or play videogames. That’s the beauty of it all. Within the safe and secure walls of Antara, you can do almost anything. And if your dreams and desires demand more, you can rest assured that it will only ever be a short distance outside.