Your Family Life in the Heart of Saudi Arabia

Family photo - shutterstock

As an expat working in Riyadh, you might be in two minds about starting or raising a family in parallel to pursuing your career abroad. But Saudi Arabia is a family-oriented society with close-knit, strong family values and goals, a life in which expats are more than welcome to participate.

Antara itself is a highly wholesome and family-aimed compound with something for every family member, from cozy homes to playgrounds, from markets to restaurants, and its interconnected network of pools and parks for family fun, even an on-site kindergarten! It is also conveniently located to all leisures and amenities a modern family might need, from malls and shops of all kinds, and to schools designed for expat children and medical care.

But it is not just Antara. Riyadh itself and Saudi Arabia in general are family-oriented, geared for the working person of today, for a comfortable household, and for the kind of life that we may have felt modern times have pushed out of our grasp. This includes family road trips, excursions, or everyday outings, family-friendly destinations such as parks, museums, and festivals, or even more tailored experiences like the massive Riyadh Zoo or the Museum of Happiness, a place literally designed to help visitors feel happiness, no matter who they are.

If your family loves new experiences, you can try new foods and recipes from all over the world in many different restaurants all over Riyadh and beyond, or maybe even turn to learn new recipes into a fun family activity by learning, shopping for, and preparing new dishes altogether. If you and your family prefer the mellow comfort of familiarity, many team sports, events, and activities suitable for your family await you.

There are simply too many diverse elements to cover in one single article. Luckily, for a more in-depth look into many of the possibilities Riyadh has to offer a modern family, you have only to check our more specialized articles on separate topics, such as this ‘A Weekend in Antara’, ‘International Schools in Riyadh for Expats’, or ‘Riyadh’s Art & Culture Scene’.

kids playing in Antara pool